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BarCamp signup board.

BarCamp9 in Boston - What a Trip!

BarCamp9 in Boston was an excellent place to learn about lots of projects going on - not only in tech but beyond.

Who Are You in the Drupal Community?

As Drupal awareness grows and more people adopt it as a platform, the community becomes more interesting. There are some real characters that have grown to be major contributors to every facet of the beast. How did they evolve and find their place?

Intro to Drupal with Lee Vodra at GLADCamp 2014 in Los Angeles

Trip to GLADCamp 2014 in Los Angeles

FreeScholar is back in Boston from GLADCamp, the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp, a free community three-day event and one of the best camps I have attended. The theme was "Drupal for Good" and it delivered from the opening keynote to the closing barn raising.

Code-driven development

<p class="lead">Reading about development being <em>code-driven</em> on a software developer's blog is a bit surprising, isn't it? As if development was not all about writing code in this industry. Yet some developers use the term to distinguish their method of building web sites with Drupal.</p>

Drupal Nights - High Performance Drupal

BioRAFT has built a Drupal-based platform for laboratory risk management analysis. They contribute code back to the community and also host a Drupal Nights event every month in Boston.

Tech Co-Op Network

This network of North American tech worker co-ops seeks to encourage collaboration among its members and education of potential new co-op founders and the general public about worker cooperatives

Drupal as a Lifestyle

Drupal has changed many lives for the better. One way to find out how Drupal has upgraded peoples lives is to go to a local Drupal meetup or camp!

Screenshot of Studio Daniel Libeskind website

Studio Daniel Libeskind

We're proud to have worked with designer Todd Linkner to produce a bold and unique web site worthy of the world-renowned architectural firm Studio Daniel Libeskind.

Crowdfunding Drupal: If you won't put a dollar in the pot, say why not!

Would you give $20 for that feature/fix/documentation you've always wanted in a module/theme/distribution?

DrupalCon Denver Ticket Contest: What's Your Best Use of the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 so far?

Thanks to Tony Groff, Agaric has a ticket to DrupalCon Denver to give away to a reader of the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 who sends in a story (or picture!) of a favorite use of the 1,110 page book— today!

A Brief Review of the APC Opcode Cache

On my quest to improve a client's Drupal site performance I considered installing the Alternative PHP Cache.

For Better Performance, Don't Use AJAX in Views

Get the most out of (and into) your page cache: Leave AJAX disabled in your Views, especially with exposed filters.