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Micky Speaks at LibrePlanet on March 24th - How Can We Prevent the Orwellian 1984 Digital World?

Libre Planet 2019.

LibrePlanet is an annual conference hosted by the Free Software Foundation for free software enthusiasts and anyone who cares about the intersection of technology and social justice. We've attended and spoken at LibrePlanet many times over the year. This year's theme is "Trailblazing Free Software" and in that spirit Micky is speaking on the Orwellian future that has arrived and what tech justice movements we should be supporting and joining to fight for a freedom-loving, solidarity-based future.

LibrePlanet Keynote: How can we prevent the Orwellian 1984 digital world?
Sunday, March 24th
Stata Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Room 32-123
Cambridge, MA

We are living in a society where -- as mere individuals -- it seems out of our control and in the hands of those who have the power to publish and distribute information swiftly and widely, or who can refuse to publish or distribute information. Algorithms now sort us into Global databases like PRISM or ECHELON, and there are devices such as StingRay cell phone trackers used to categorize our every movement. We may build our own profiles online, but we do not have access to the meta-profile built by the corporate entities that our queries traverse as we navigate online, purchasing goods and services as well as logging into sites where we have accounts. The level of intrusion into our most private thoughts should be alarming, yet most fail to heed the call as they feel small, alone, and unable to defy the scrutiny of disapproval from the powers that govern societal norms and their peers. Together, we can change this.

Micky will engage your mind on a journey to open an ongoing discussion to rediscover and reawaken your own creative thought processes. Together, we build a conversation that should never end as it will join us together transparently maintaining our freedoms, with free software as the foundation. Where do we find our personal power, and how do we use it as developers? Do we have a collective goal? Have you checked your social credit rating lately? Others have.



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