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Resources for how Drupal as a service can save our livelihoods and our lives

Ben spoke most recently on this topic at DrupalCon Seattle and Drupal Camp Twin Cities, both in 2019, about how Drupal as a Service can save our livelihoods and our lives.  Here are some resources related to the talk and topic.

A graphic of the earth engulfed in flames.

The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.

Utah Phillips

As far as i can tell, the Internet hasn't sourced that quotation, but no one challenges that it was Phillips— and i thought i heard him say about the same thing on the radio, in a broadcast where he also slammed NPR, boosting community radio and, if needed, the do-it-yourself be-the-media ethos.  Maybe i'm part of a collective delusion, in which case, i'm sure Utah Phillips wouldn't care one way or another so long as we got on with working for the liberation of humanity and preserving life on planet Earth as part of that.

Sources cited

Crowd-sourcing this on Mastodon (itself interestingly compatible with LibreSaaS with instances like working on governance models, if not yet having the revenue to cover hosting, let alone contribute back to development:

Hello fediverse, what online tools do you know about that are LibreSaaS— you can pay to use them, but the full stack is free/libre open source software so you or others can totally host the entire thing yourself if you want?

I added whichever answers i didn't already have to the LibreSaaS list pad.

Tech Won't Build It

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