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Resources for Preventing the Digital World of Nineteen Eighty-Four

Micky was a keynote speaker at UMASS Amherst during the NERD Summit event and the closing keynote speaker at LibrePlanet 2019 @M.I.T. She spoke about how we, as people and as programmers, can work our way out of the digital world of Nineteen Eight-Four that we are living in.  Rather than having about ten slides of fine print and links in the presentation, we are posting resources in this blog post.

Here is a short-enough-to-write-on-a-business-card link for this page – – for sharing these resources with others more easily.


Join groups that will keep you informed

Take the first steps— stay in the know!

We will send you very occasional dispatches from our perspective on various overlapping movements for cooperation, freedom and justice as workers and as passionate observers.

The movements and networks that Micky is a part of

Here are all the links from the slide Micky told you not to try to write everything down from.

Agarics are members of a few networks and movements both local and global:

Additional groups and movements

And some that didn't make the slides, that other Agarics are a part of:

Practical individual resources for opting out of surveillance

Man's staring face besides the words "Big Brother is watching YOU"

Things you can do personally and without too much difficulty to get a little more free from Nineteen Eighty-Four style government oppression and surveillance capitalism.  (But remember, the most important and impactful things will require collective action!)

Citations supporting specific points in Micky's talk

"Silicon Valley is solving the problems that 20-something's with money face" Should tech startups tackle bigger problems? Yes. #cyberposium  — Emily‏ @EmVVeis on 1 Nov 2014

On startups solving problems of wealthy, white, younger men:


What else?

What are we missing?  What would you add or change?  Send us a note or tell us in the comments below!


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