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Agaric makes websites and applications that matter. We provide development services, training, and consulting to help define and meet your needs.



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The development of Therapy Fidelity

We developed a React.js therapy application that supports evidence based therapy by helping therapists and their clients stay accountable to a standard protocol. This post covers some of the architectural decisions that we made to facilitate a fast time-to-market for this feature rich and carefully secured therapy dashboard.

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Recommendations for social media as Twitter melts down: Host your own community

As Elon Musk destroys Twitter, a lot of clients have asked about alternative social media, especially 'Mastodon'— meaning the federated network that includes thousands of servers, running that software and many other FLOSS applications, all providing interconnecting hubs for distributed social media. Agaric has some experience in those parts, so we are sharing our thoughts on the opportunity in this crisis.

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How to add an audio player to a content node in Drupal 9

Getting an audio player to show on your content nodes only takes a few steps. However, like many things in Drupal, knowing what those few steps are can be a bit of a challenge. This short guide will provide a basic introduction for anyone looking to use this core functionality on their site.

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Drupal 9 Component Plugin ContextException "not a valid context" after CTools, Symfony update

Upgrading to CTools 3.10.0 and/or various Symfony upgrades can break the simple task of adding content on your Drupal site.

Web platforms we develop include the Find It program locator to help people find opportunities in their cities and online science and health communities.

Agaric is a worker-owned cooperative and the online tools we build respect your freedom and increase your power to do good. Our trainings range from one-on-one capacity building to day-long group workshops such as our sought-after Migration to Drupal trainings.

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