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Agaric makes websites and applications that matter. We provide development services, training, and consulting to help define and meet your needs.



Come to the Healthcare Summit at DrupalCon 2024 next week in Portland, Oregon!

Join us for an interactive day devoted to Drupal in healthcare— a relaxed and friendly close to DrupalCon with learning, networking, and discussing.  Whether you are in a pharmaceutical company, a state department of health, a non-profit hospital, a public health organization, or anyplace else in the broad healthcare space, there are unique needs in ensuring security, accessibility, compliance, and availability of important information and tools.

Upload media inline in WYSIWYG editor in modern Drupal 10+ with CKEditor5

It seems like the best practice is that we should try to use the media manager rather than just drop in photos using the text editor method (which doesn't seem to get the photos into the media library), but how do we get the photos in the media library to be able to wrap with text and not be visually separate content?

A large lower case letter i surrounded by tiny words.

Display lists naturally with the In Other Words module for Drupal

It is common for a Drupal site to list multiple items. It could be several authors of a single article, the days that a recreation center is open, or the flavors an ice cream parlor serves. Clean, structured data is a strong point of Drupal, but the display of that structured content is limited. That is why Agaric, with support from DevCollaborative, made In Other Words, a Drupal module that gives site builders the power to configure precise and natural ways to display lists of items.

Micky Metts speaking in a webinar with the Center for Global Justice.

Did the Internet make you a criminal? How can it be proven?

Let's explore digital threats and solutions, including Internet Access, Big Data, and Surveillance Capitalism. Discover how the data collected by big tech can be used to incriminate you and learn practical tips to enhance online privacy. Explore ethical considerations and challenges posed by emerging technologies like AI and social media. Gain a deeper understanding of online privacy and learn to navigate the digital world confidently while protecting your personal information effectively.

Web platforms we develop include the Find It program locator to help people find opportunities in their cities and online science and health communities.

Agaric is a worker-owned cooperative and the online tools we build respect your freedom and increase your power to do good. Our trainings range from one-on-one capacity building to day-long group workshops such as our sought-after Migration to Drupal trainings.

Ask Agaric to help you gain power over your online technology today.