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About Agaric

We are a worker-owned cooperative specializing in building tools and websites that respect your freedom. We also provide training and consultation to meet your goals. Everything we do is part of our purpose to help all people gain the most power possible over their own lives.

The Agaric team sitting in front of Seattle's iconic "black hole" statue with our hands on each other's shoulders. Ben, in character, placing his hand on a non-existent person's shoulder next to him.

Since our founding in 2006, our approach has been to deeply engage with the needs of our clients and collaborate with libre software communities to craft solid, sustainable solutions.

By building tools in the open, and free for others to use and adapt, we protect the open web and expand the software commons while meeting people's unique needs.

We have built everything from publishing platforms to digital collaboration spaces to community resource directories.  Some of our best work is when we just ensure the world can see an organization's great work.

Whenever possible, we contribute our work back to the free software community to empower others to benefit from the solutions we solve. We maintain over fifty projects for anyone to use or contribute to.

Please learn more about our skills and services.

We are also leaders in movements building ethical technology for grassroots movements. Our worker-owners serve on the leadership team of MayFirst/PeopleLink and the DrupalCon planning committee. We are members of the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the Free Software Foundation and the Drupal Association. Finally, we are proud union members of the Industrial Workers of the World.