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About Agaric

We are Agaric Technology Collective, a worker-owned cooperative. We build websites and online tools that respect your freedom. We provide training and consultation to meet your goals.

We build websites that matter

From digital collaboration spaces for health and science communities to publishing platforms to opportunity finders for city residents, we love to do the hard work that supports people doing the harder work of making the world better.  Some of our best work is done when we just ensure that the world can see the great work done by an organization.

We go deep

From our founding in 2006, our approach has been to deeply engage with the needs of our clients and collaborate with free/libre open source software communities to craft solid, sustainable solutions.

We raise you up

At every opportunity, we provide training and build our clients' capacity to take more control over their web presence. By building on software that belongs to everyone and has large communities, we ensure organizations we work with have options and room to grow. By eagerly and expertly teaching whatever people are willing to learn, from basic organizational security to migrating data to software development to content strategy, we stay true to our purpose of giving people and organizations more power to do good.

Please learn more about our skills and services and contact Agaric!

The Agaric team sitting in front of Seattle's iconic "black hole" statue with our hands on each other's shoulders. Ben, in character, placing his hand on a non-existent person's shoulder next to him.

We work to raise everybody up

Whenever possible, we contribute our work back to the free software community to empower others to benefit from the solutions we build. We maintain more than seventy projects for anyone to use or contribute to in the Drupal ecosystem alone. By building tools in the open, and free for others to use and adapt, we help protect the open web and expand the software commons while meeting people's unique needs.

Our worker-owners are also participants in movements that are building ethical technology for grassroots movements. Michele Metts serves on the board of May First Movement Technology,  Solidarity Economy Network, and Snowdrift.coopMauricio Dinarte serves on DrupalCon planning committees.  Benjamin Melançon is on the Drutopia leadership team but mostly avoids the responsibility of formal positions, and is increasingly involved in non-hierarchical mutual aid and mutual defense networks that do not go for such labels anyway.  Chris Thompson quietly helps Drutopia and May First and many other networks we a're involved in, so they actually function, on a technical and human communication level.

Agaric is a member of the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the Drupal Association.

We are a worker-owned cooperative specializing in building tools and websites that respect your freedom. We also provide training and consultation to meet your goals. Everything we do is part of our purpose to help all people gain the most power possible over their own lives.