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"Remaking worker representation" slide in front of full small auditorium

Putting Powerful Platforms under Cooperative Control

Several hundred people gathered to talk about the problems of an online economy reliant on monopoly, extraction, and surveillance—and discuss how to build a "cooperative Internet, built of platforms owned and governed by the people who rely on them."

Indie Web Camp

Marking up Drupal's Blog Posts for the IndieWeb

A brief introduction into the IndieWeb movement and steps to bring your site and blog onto the independent social web, with code for Drupal 7.

Disposable Drupal Installations with Drush

You can easily create a disposable Drupal installation with a few drush commands.

Using Migrations to Provide Default Content

Using Migrate and JSON files we can supply default content as a way to immediately see how the layout will deal with it.

Richard Stallman and Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky and Richard Stallman - Meeting One

Richard Stallman and Noam Chomsky met for the first time.

Richard Stallman speaks at NYC Camp

We are the Mothers and Fathers of Future Freedoms

If there are two people on planet Earth that truly understand freedom and human rights, I believe it would be Noam Chomsky and Richard Stallman.

Performant Bulk-Redirection with Apache RewriteMap

Redirect users from an old path to a new path using a handy directive offered in Apache's mod_rewrite called RewriteMap.

Screenshot of Drupal views results.

Altering Views' Results

Override a Drupal Views' result with hook_views_pre_render().

Migrate HTML the Easy Way in Drupal 7

How to migrate HTML into a Drupal 7 site.

Worc'n Holiday Party - Agaric Worker/Owner Meetup

The Worc'n Holiday Party

On a cold December night, we met at the Industry Lab to celebrate the Worcn group and our membership in the cooperatives we belong to.

A Yard and a Half Landscaping Cooperative - Agaric Worker/Owner Meetup

An Evening of Cooperatives and a Half

The CEO of A Yard and a Half Landscaping Cooperative shared her experience transitioning her company to a cooperative.


New Worker Cooperative Meetup Series Kicked Off

Gonzalo Chomon of EvoVelo, a Spanish cooperative presented at the very first worker cooperative meetup in Boston.