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Mr. T as B.A. Baracus kicking open a wide door in the opening credits of the A-Team

Help Kick the Door for New Contributors to Drupal Back Open (and get credit for it)

After years of giving a terrible initial experience to people who want to share their first project on, the Project Applications Process Revamp is a Drupal Association key priority for the first part of 2017.

A forums listing page with a large green button labeled "Add new Forum topic" at the top.

Adding Bootstrap Button Stylings to Drupal 8's Action Links and Node Links

Things did not go according to plan when styling page-level action links (such as "Add new Forum topic").

Redirect a person to another web page - image of arrows.

Redirect Users After Login to the Page They Were Viewing in Drupal 8

Your users will be so happy, they'll send you an Edible Arrangements basket.

Mauricio leading a training

How to Organize Drupal Global Training Days Workshops: Experiences and Lessons Learned

How to organize a Drupal Global Training Day workshop with key lessons learned from the trainings organized in Nicaragua.

Indie Web Camp

Marking up Drupal's Blog Posts for the IndieWeb

A brief introduction into the IndieWeb movement and steps to bring your site and blog onto the independent social web, with code for Drupal 7.

Disposable Drupal Installations with Drush

You can easily create a disposable Drupal installation with a few drush commands.

Using Migrations to Provide Default Content

Using Migrate and JSON files we can supply default content as a way to immediately see how the layout will deal with it.

Richard Stallman speaks at NYC Camp

We are the Mothers and Fathers of Future Freedoms

If there are two people on planet Earth that truly understand freedom and human rights, I believe it would be Noam Chomsky and Richard Stallman.

Migrate HTML the Easy Way in Drupal 7

How to migrate HTML into a Drupal 7 site.

Code-driven development

<p class="lead">Reading about development being <em>code-driven</em> on a software developer's blog is a bit surprising, isn't it? As if development was not all about writing code in this industry. Yet some developers use the term to distinguish their method of building web sites with Drupal.</p>