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Agaric is Going to DrupalCon - Let's Meet Up to Make Drupal Relevant to the Grassroots

DrupalCon - Be Human, Think Digital.

Drupal is one of the largest free software projects in the world. It powers thousands of websites, many of them for community groups, nonprofits and other grassroots organizations.  

As a cooperative distributed across three countries, we're using DrupalCon as a unique opportunity to meet face to face with ourselves and others in the community. Our focus, as usual, is to work with others to make Drupal work for grassroots movements.

In a time where people power is more important than ever, it's critical that groups have communication tools that supports those efforts. Drupal comes equipped with powerful tools like multilingual support, flexible content modeling, and a modular design.

NonProfit Summit

May 19th 9-4pm, $150 (lunch and coffee provided)

Clayton is one of the co-organizers of the NonProfit Summit and it's on pace to be one of the best. Now running for many years, the schedule has been fine tuned to the needs of nonprofit and activist technologists with a combination of panels, breakout discussions and lightning talks.

Register for the summit.

Making the Move to Drupal 8

Drupal 7 end of life is coming in 2021 and many sites are still on Drupal 7. The move to 8 can be challenging, so we're offering two trainings and one session on the topic.

Drupal 8 Content Migrations Training

May 19th 9-4pm, $500 (lunch and coffee provided)

Back by popular demand is our training to teach community members how to move content into Drupal using the Migrate API. Participants will

  • Learn to run migrations from the user interface and the command line with Drush.
  • Import data from CSV and JSON files.
  • Transform the data to populate taxonomy, date, image, file, and address fields.
  • Get content into Paragraphs.
  • Learn to debug migrations.

The only prerequisite is a basic understanding of nodes, content types and fields. We will work hands-on through step by step examples, with four trainers on hand to assist people and answer specific questions participants have.

Last year's training sold out and we expect the same this year, so be sure to sign up sooner than later.

Register for the Drupal 8 content migrations training.


Upgrading to Drupal 8 Using the Migrate API Training

After giving our Drupal 8 Content Migrations training several times last year, we learned there is also a need for a training that is specifically for those upgrading from Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 8.

In this training, participants will

  • Understand the different approaches to upgrading your site to Drupal 8 using the Migrate API.
  • Revise site architecture and map configuration from previous site to the new one (content types, fields, etc).
  • Learn how to migrate data into media entities and paragraphs.
  • Learn how to migrate data from modules that do not offer automated upgrade paths.

While the content migration training is at an Intermediate level, this training is advanced. You should be familiar with source, process and destination plugins; how the process pipeline works; and how to execute migrations from the command line via Drush. This is a great training for experienced Drupalers looking to upgrade Drupal sites, including those that will undergo changes to their information architecture.

Register for the Upgrading to Drupal 8 Using the Migrate API training.

If Drupal migrations work is a big part of your work, the two trainings are intentionally complimentary and is a good opportunity to level up in this domain.

Drupal Migrations for Non-Coders Session

There is a growing collection of resources on migrating to Drupal 8, but most of it is focused on professional Drupal developers. However, there are many organizations with staff who are technical, but not day-to-day coders. This is particularly common in nonprofits where people where many hats. If that describes you, we encourage you to join us.

The specific day and time hasn't been set, but you can still add it to your schedule.

Add Drupal migration for non-coders to your schedule.


Grassroots Drupal Birds of a Feather

Each year we lead or join in on a BoF with others working with grassroots groups. We'll be doing the same, so keep an eye out for that in the schedule.

It's also great to grab coffee, have a hallway conversation, scheme over lunch and hang out at after parties with kindred spirits. Reach out to us at if you're going to DrupalCon and want to meet up!



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