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Two people in lab coats in front of a heart with a monitor line on it.

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Online Homes for Scientific and Medical Advancement

Agaric builds tools for medical and scientific communities to advance their work, enhance collaboration, and improve outcomes.

Agaric builds tools for medical and scientific communities to advance their work, enhance collaboration, and improve outcomes.  And we've been doing this—helping healthy discussion about science and medicine flourish online—since 2008.

Reusable platforms for advanced online collaboration

The Collaboratory

The National Institute for Children's Health Quality partnered with Agaric to build the Collaboratory—a platform designed specifically to help healthcare improvement teams collaborate, innovate, and make change. During this ongoing partnership, Agaric built a collaborative analytics tool that allows healthcare quality teams to visualize, compare, and benchmark data, identify opportunities for improvement, and celebrate their successes. We're proud to be NICHQ's 2020 partners in making the most of the digital health revolution.

Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography (PECE)

In 2015, we began contributing to PECE, is an open source digital platform that supports multi-sited, cross-scale ethnographic and historical research. PECE is built as a Drupal distribution that can be improved and extended like any other Drupal project. Agaric's contributions include building an API integration between PECE's bibliographic citation capabilities and Zotero's open source reference management and collaborative bibliography tools.

Science Collaboration Framework

Woman looking at linked documents.Agaric was the lead developer for the Science Collaboration Framework, a project of Harvard's Initiative in Innovative Computing. Working with researchers from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, we built a reusable platform for collaboration and communication in biomedical research, enriching the contributions of scientists and the biomedical online community with semantic data, highlighting advanced, structured relationships between contributed resources, and facilitating structured community discourse around biomedical research. We even earned a writeup in a scientific journal for our work!

As part of SCF, Agaric led the work of building the website for an online community of Parkinson's disease researchers and research investors, on the Science Collaboration Framework, for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

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