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Mauricio Dinarte

Worker-Owner / Developer

Passionate Drupal developer, consultant, and trainer with over 7 years of web development experience.

Mauricio Dinarte is a passionate Drupal developer, consultant, and trainer with over 7 years of web development experience. After completing his BS in Computer Science, graduating with the highest GPA among 181 students, he completed a Masters in Business Administration.

Mauricio started his Drupal journey in 2011 and fell in love with Drupal right away. Through the years, he has worked on projects of large scale playing different roles such as site builder, themer, module developer, and project manager. He has great experience leveraging various core and contrib APIs, using and customizing Drupal distributions like Open Outreach and OpenChurch, as well as creating custom installation profiles and distributions. He brews top shelf modules into elegant solutions. Views, Context, Display Suite, Panels, Feeds, OpenLayers, Features, and other modules are some of the ingredients. Drush is his ally to speed up development and manage workflows among different environments.

In addition to his technical skills, Mauricio is deeply involved in the Drupal community. He is the Nicaraguan community lead, where he regularly organizes and presents on Global Training Days, Global Sprint Weekends, and recurrent meetups. He also mentors new contributors as part of the Core Office Hours program. He has contributed Spanish translations, patches to core and contributed modules, and volunteered in various Drupal events.

Drupal is awesome, but every now and then one should get off the island™. Mauricio has also worked with Sencha Ext.JS and Sencha Touch for desktop and mobile application development.

He starves for new knowledge and loves to share what he has learned. In his free time, he enjoys reading.

Find me on Twitter at @dinarcon. Mauricio Dinarte's Public GPG Key