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Micky to Lead Free Software Trainings in Mexico

As big tech continues to violate our privacy, thwart worker power, collude with militaries and deportation agencies, we need to move to ethical tech tools we can trust.

However, it can be intimidating to make the switch to new, unfamiliar tools.

Micky is leading two workshops to help people make the switch.

“How to Switch to Free Software: Email” 4:45-6:45pm Wednesday, December 4

Micky Metts of Boston’s Agaric Tech Cooperative will help us get out of the fix. The key to regaining security and control of the internet is switching to free software equivalents to proprietary/corporate software for communicating – among many uses.

This first workshop focuses on communications using email and texting software. The moderate inconvenience of switching is worth the privacy of strong encryption and the freedom of a new world of user-controlled communications and organizing. This first workshop in Sala Quetzal focuses on email and texting with encrypted software under user control. Bring your phone.

“How to Switch to Free Software: Browsers Etc” 2-4pm Thursday, December 5

A professional software developer, Micky, will focus on this second workshop, also in Sala Quetzal, on browsing, searching, and virtual meeting software. She will show how free software opens up the world of “platform co-ops” – think of Uber under drivers’ control and AirBnB under homeowners’ control.

Micky will be assisted by at-the-elbow translator/helpers. Bring your laptop and your phone.

The workshops will take place at:

Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende
Address: Insurgentes 25, Col. Centro, San Miguel de Allende, GUA 37700
Phone: +52 415 152 0293

Workshops in SMA


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