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DrupalCon Denver Ticket Contest: What's Your Best Use of the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 so far?

Thanks to Tony Groff, Agaric has a ticket to DrupalCon Denver to give away to a reader of the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 who sends in a story (or picture!) of a favorite use of the 1,110 page book— today!

Did Jacine Luisi's tour de force break a barrier to Drupal 7 theming for you? Did Károly Négyesi's 4-page "Developing from a Human Mindset" chapter change the way you do Drupal? Did you win a bet because your favorite module was mentioned? Did the book save your life by absorbing the impact of a small meteorite when you took it to the beach for some light reading? Let us know!

In other DGD7 news, Greg Anderson has posted Drush 5 updates to his fantastic Drush chapter. Check it out, and don't forget to sign up for updates like this and new tips and material (low-volume newsletter; fewer than once a month).

Even if you are already going to, or cannot make, the March 20-22 DrupalCon Denver party with more than 3,000 of some of your closest friends already signed up, including many Definitive Drupal authors, we'd love to hear about your successes – or frustrations – with the best-selling, best-value book on Drupal 7.

We can't help out with travel or lodging, but we hope getting the con itself covered can prompt you, on this leap day, to take a fortuitous leap and see if DGD7 can't be a step up further into Drupal in yet another way. Thanks for reading!


2012 February 29
Chris Weber


Used Chapter 24 to learn

Used Chapter 24 to learn Entities (a huge help)
Used the Appendix C to understand the Render API

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