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Definitive Guide to Drupal 7: Correction

There is an important correction to be made to the top-selling Drupal book, the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7.

The slogan printed on the cover is incorrect. The book does not contain "Everything you need to know about Drupal"— rather, a central goal of the book is to show how to keep learning and growing within the Drupal community. Everything to know about Drupal could never fit in one book or set of books.

Admittedly, that point is probably made in 20 pages. The other thousand-plus pages are a solid effort to give a whole lot of information to help everyone (at every level) succeed with Drupal:

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 accelerates people along the Drupal learning curve by covering all aspects of building web sites with Drupal: architecture and configuration; module development; front end development; running projects sustainably; and contributing to Drupal's code, documentation, and community.

Which brings us to the actual slogan for the book: Configuration, Code, and Community. This broad sweep of what it takes to do Drupal right comes in these pages from the perspective (and blood, sweat, and tears) of thirty-four contributing authors, including top Drupal contributors. The talent and effort in this book is humbling, and inspiring.

The book site,, is lagging behind what the community of readers needs for updates and discussion, but i could not put aside telling people about the book any longer just because that site (or Agaric's, for that matter) has been neglected. You, your friends, and the cousin looking for work should know you can buy this book for cheaper than i can photocopy it for you. And the publisher, Apress, did a great job with the layout and production, despite the slogan slip-up.

Note: E-book versions will come; it seems we have to wait on Amazon and Apple, but we will also pursue the ePub format. Sign up to learn about new formats and new material (so very rare updates only when there's something definitely worth knowing about).

Thank you for your kind attention!

benjamin melançon

Agaric is not hiring! As a worker-owned-and-run collective, we don't have bosses or employees. We do need to add to our team to keep up with our opportunities, and if we have to we'll make an exception and hire someone with strong administrative skills, willingness and ability to lead projects, and knowledge or willingness to learn finances. Front end development skills a bonus. We believe in cross-training! Especially if you can see becoming a Principal at a go-great-and-do-good cooperative technology shop,


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