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information architecture

Bottles and jars in a science lab.

Teachers with GUTS

Teachers with GUTS (TWiG) needed an online community space to support teachers in dropping outdated notions of science and use inquiry-based methods instead.

Child holding toy telephone.

Find It Cambridge

We built a comprehensive, relevant online directory to help Cambridge residents connect with the many opportunities in the city.

Niño sosteniendo teléfono de juguete.

Find It Cambridge

Construimos un directorio en línea completo y relevante para ayudar a los residentes de Cambridge a conectarse con las muchas oportunidades en la ciudad.

GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center

MASS Design Group

MASS Design Group is an innovative non-profit architecture firm that believes “Architecture is never neutral. It either heals or hurts.”, a powerful parallel to our own assertion that digital architecture shapes how we communicate and congregate online.

Centro de Tratamiento de Cólera GHESKIO

MASS Design Group

MASS Design Group es una firma innovadora de arquitectura sin fines de lucro que cree que “la arquitectura nunca es neutral. O cura o duele ", un poderoso paralelo a nuestra propia afirmación de que la arquitectura digital da forma a la forma en que nos comunicamos y nos congregamos en línea.

Doctor talking with a mother and daughter.

NICHQ Collaboratory

We developed a Drupal 8 distribution to easily deploy an online space for each of NICHQ's Collaboratories. Now practitioners and families can effectively share research with one another.