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Silhouettes of a people on soapboxes shouting through bullhorns at a crowd, demonstrating stand / deliver, a portable dueling free speech unit, a mobile box equipped with two platforms and megaphones.

Uniting Visions

Kicking off Thursday 3pm ET planning & building sessions for democratic conversation scaling platform, Visions Unite

Hi friends and collaborators, join us today at 3pm ET (or any subsequent Thursday at 3) as we kick off a series of research, planning, discussion, and building sessions for Visions Unite.

As our primary pro bono project, Agaric is working on Visions Unite, "where people seeking to make the world more whole can share ideas and information and gather the commitment and resources to build power to be the change we need", which a dozen projects have tried to do—what makes this different is sharing power via democratic mass communication.

Here are some initial user stories for Visions Unite.

Help plan and build the interface and underlying technology! (Drupal friends, we have been leaning against Drupal but might do it for the MVP— would love to hear your thoughts for or against.)

Connection info will always be up-to-date at (for these sessions we are taking over most of our Show & Tell hour, which is weekly on Thursdays 3pm Eastern).


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