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The Agaric Team

Show and Tell

Share your knowledge. Collaboratively learn how to cooperate in the modern tech world.

We value learning new things and sharing our knowledge, so we take time each week to share what we have discovered or figured out. We realize that this may be of interest to people outside of Agaric, especially those who work alone or are in organizations that do not encourage skill-sharing. Thus, we are inviting partners, students, colleagues—and you—to take part in watching or giving short presentations.

We also discuss our workflows and business models as cooperatives. This quote is from our friends in Argentina -

"The purpose of getting in touch with other co-operatives in the world is not just one, and it could be said that there are several at the same time and with equal importance.

First of all, we believe that the best way to strengthen the co-operative movement is to be connected, to share experiences, information - in other words, to cooperate. That is the essence of the organizational form we adopt for our companies."

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