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Come to the Healthcare Summit at DrupalCon 2024 next week in Portland, Oregon!

Join us for an interactive day devoted to Drupal in healthcare— a relaxed and friendly close to DrupalCon with learning, networking, and discussing. Whether you are in a pharmaceutical company, a state department of health, a non-profit hospital, a public health organization, or anyplace else in the broad healthcare space, there are unique needs in ensuring security, accessibility, compliance, and availability of important information and tools.

Healthcare is a crucial, dynamic space for web development today. Online communication and emerging technologies promise improved access and capabilities for patients and professionals. Crafting inspiring and useful digital experiences, however, must be built on a solid foundation of accessibility, security, and compliance. Come listen to industry leaders share their experience solving these challenges in healthcare.

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What You Will Get by Attending

  • Andy Waldrop will talk about scalable healthcare content in Drupal— with lessons from building WebMD!
  • Georgiana Masgras and Jesse Meece will talk about using Drupal to makes it easy to maintain our sites.
  • Jon Stewart will talk about how to leverage Drupal for web application development— the Open Web in healthcare!
  • Two table talk sessions will give everybody a chance to dive deeply into key topics, including the application of large language models in healthcare and biggest takeways from DrupalCon and the summit. Bring your needs and we will embark on facilitated peer-to-peer problem solving with others who are affected and tech and healthcare industry experts.
  • Our sponsors, Evolving Web and Acquia (by way of their partner Phase2), will have special presentations
  • We will be closing the day with lightning talks. Invited topics include: Future of Drupal at your company (and how to improve it), multisite platforms, knowledge bases, provider directories, and the healthcare take on layout builder becoming experience builder versus paragraphs.

We will be all wrapped up by 4pm.

Attend DrupalCon and the Healthcare Summit!

Who Should Attend

Everybody interested in hearing and discussing how companies and the community are creating rich digital experiences in the healthcare space. All levels of colleagues in the pharma, medical, clinical, hospital, payers, caregivers, advocates, and healthcare professional space should go to DrupalCon and the Healthcare Summit!

COVID-19 Safer Space

The Oregon Convention Center controls all rooms per ASHREA 62.1 standards, using sensors to monitor occupancy based on CO₂ levels and bring outside air into the space accordingly. They report at the most levels at 800–1000 ppm during normal occupancy, and use MERV-13 filters for any filtration, which is appropriate for COVID-19.

Agaric will have high-quality N95 masks available to anyone who wants them and will have our own CO₂ monitors.

More about the Healthcare Industry Summit

The Healthcare Summit at the 2024 Portland, Oregon DrupalCon is organized by Jeanne Cost, George Matthes, and Pooja Jeeva. I am glad to be playing a part in coordinating this summit as well, especially given Agaric's involvement in and commitment to health and science communities.

Healthcare is a complex, regulation-filled industry that poses great challenges to building vibrant and compliant digital experiences for patients. Whether you are a pharma working towards the next product, a hospital treating someone with cancer, or an insurance company making sure a patient has access to information and proper care, there is much for you to gain from this summit. 

Hear from experts on areas of accessibility, compliant patient experiences, new regulations and standards that can affect your teams and customers, success stories, and much more.

Sponsored by: Acquia and Evolving Web

Sign up to go to the Healthcare Industry Summit at DrupalCon Portland, OR 2024 this coming May 6th through May 9th for the summit



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