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Recommendations for social media as Twitter melts down: Host your own community

As Elon Musk destroys Twitter, a lot of clients have asked about alternative social media, especially 'Mastodon'— meaning the federated network that includes thousands of servers, running that software and many other FLOSS applications, all providing interconnecting hubs for distributed social media. Agaric has some experience in those parts, so we are sharing our thoughts on the opportunity in this crisis.

A chart showing children's health outcomes.

Are you building communities of practice for community health in this time of public recognition of injustice?

The struggle to take seriously the impact of racism on public health during the covid-19 crisis spotlights the importance of health communities of practice and their need to have high-quality, data-driven discussions. How do we have and expand these conversations well?

City Hall located at the heart of Center City-Philadelphia,PA

Agaric is Coming to Drupaldelphia this Friday

Ben will be presenting two sessions at Drupaldelphia. Come learn how to apply an Iterative UX approach to your work and how to scale community decision-making in your free software projects.

Resources for scaling community decision-making

For those interested in Ben and Micky's talks at DrupalCon Seattle 2019 and New England Drupal Camp 2019, or who think they'd have been inspired if they'd been there, here are resources for scaling community conversations and decision-making.

DrupalCamp Nicaragua attendees raising their hands in unison.

A Blooming Community - Lakes and Volcanoes DrupalCamp 2017 Recap

Over 100 people attended thanks in part to several initiatives that made the event particularly diverse and inclusive.

Global Training Day Drupal logo

Agaric is Leading a Full Day Training for the 2017 Global Drupal Training Day

Join us for a whole day's worth of Drupal goodness.

Mauricio leading a training

How to Organize Drupal Global Training Days Workshops: Experiences and Lessons Learned

How to organize a Drupal Global Training Day workshop with key lessons learned from the trainings organized in Nicaragua.

Who Are You in the Drupal Community?

As Drupal awareness grows and more people adopt it as a platform, the community becomes more interesting. There are some real characters that have grown to be major contributors to every facet of the beast. How did they evolve and find their place?

First Annual May First People Link Membership Meeting

Congratulations to the new leadership committee for May First People Link!

+1 to Ending comment-to-subscribe on

As starving authors we at Agaric don't have a lot of cash to burn right now, but we've thrown $25 in the project to make it possible to subscribe to issues without commenting. (On top of whatever we donated when this request for funding went out a year and a half ago).