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Using Migrations to Provide Default Content

Using Migrate and JSON files we can supply default content as a way to immediately see how the layout will deal with it.

Disposable Drupal Installations with Drush

You can easily create a disposable Drupal installation with a few drush commands.

"Remaking worker representation" slide in front of full small auditorium

Putting Powerful Platforms under Cooperative Control

Several hundred people gathered to talk about the problems of an online economy reliant on monopoly, extraction, and surveillance—and discuss how to build a "cooperative Internet, built of platforms owned and governed by the people who rely on them."

Image of short term effects

Working with Long-term Projects

What we've learned on long-term projects to help ensure the tech stack stays current.

Silver Service - full tea service

Moving Towards a Service Oriented Architecture

We helped Zeit Online relaunch their publishing platform by first mapping out the services their system delivers.

Mauricio leading a training

How to Organize Drupal Global Training Days Workshops: Experiences and Lessons Learned

How to organize a Drupal Global Training Day workshop with key lessons learned from the trainings organized in Nicaragua.

video display with controls

Web Components: What Are They, and Can We Use Them Yet?

Web Components are a group of related standards promising to bring component-based extensibility to HTML documents. The great promise is that once you or someone else builds some component that provides a particular feature, it can easily be included and reused in other projects.

Gutted home in Detroit

Strengthened by the Solidarity Economy Forum in Detroit

In Detroit, many once thriving neighborhoods lay in ruins - a testament to how the dominant economic system fails our communities. Hundreds of people met here to imagine and build an alternative economic system - a solidarity economy.

A forums listing page with a large green button labeled "Add new Forum topic" at the top.

Adding Bootstrap Button Stylings to Drupal 8's Action Links and Node Links

Things did not go according to plan when styling page-level action links (such as "Add new Forum topic").

New project applications marked reviewed and tested by the community

The Door for New Contributors to Drupal is Still Locked

How can people feel good about contributing when the issue queue is so long it can be months before your code is reviewed?