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Pass variables without escaping nor sanitizing to t() in Drupal 8

In Drupal 7 it was useful to do things like this: 

function mymodule_content() {
  $links[] = l('Google', '');
  $links[] = l('Yahoo', '');
  return t('Links: !types', array('!types' => implode(', ', $links)));

In this case, we are using the exclamation mark to pass the $links into our string but unfortunately, Drupal 8 doesn't have this option in the FormattableMarkup::placeholderFormat(), the good news is that even without this there is a way to accomplish the same thing. 

According to the documentation:

Using the @ as the first character escapes the variable if it is a string but if we pass a MarkupInterface object it is not going to be sanitized, so we just need to return an object of this type.

And Drupal 8 has a class that implements MarkupInterface called: Markup, so the code above for Drupal 8 will look like this: 

public function content() { 
$markup = new Markup(); 
$links[] = Link::fromTextAndUrl('Google', Url::fromUri(''))->toString(); 
$links[] = Link::fromTextAndUrl('Yahoo', Url::fromUri(''))->toString(); 
$types = $markup->create(implode(', ', $links)); 
return [ '#markup' => t('Links %links', ['%links' =>$types]), ]; 


And that's it, our string will display the links. 

If you want to see a real scenario where this is helpful, check this Comment Notify code For Drupal 7 and this patch for the D8 version.



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