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Conditional Fields in Paragraphs Using the Javascript States API for Drupal 8

A tutorial on using the Javascript States API for Drupal 8 to conditionally hide and show the input elements for image and video conditionally.

Screenshot of CKEditor

Using CKEditor Plugins in Drupal 8

Sometimes you'll want to add a CKEditor button not available in Drupal out of the box. This post walks you through that process.

Learn with Mauricio in his Upcoming Drupal Tour

In the next few weeks, Mauricio Dinarte (dinarcon on will be traveling to deliver his expertise to multiple Drupal events in Europe and America.

Flat Comments in Drupal 8 without Dangerous Secret Threading

Changing the comment settings from threaded to flat in Drupal causes some unexpected, downright dangerous problems. Luckily we helped fix that.

Catch Some Agarics at June Conferences

It's conference season! Come say hi to us. We're everywhere.

Avoid Sending Emails While Doing a Migration on Drupal 8

Inadvertently sent emails are the worse. Here's how to avoid sending them when running a migration.

Creating Links in Code for Drupal 8

Here are all the ways to create links in code.

How to Start Contributing Code to Drupal

Practical advice on contributing code to Drupal.

Mr. T as B.A. Baracus kicking open a wide door in the opening credits of the A-Team

Help Kick the Door for New Contributors to Drupal Back Open (and get credit for it)

After years of giving a terrible initial experience to people who want to share their first project on, the Project Applications Process Revamp is a Drupal Association key priority for the first part of 2017.

A forums listing page with a large green button labeled "Add new Forum topic" at the top.

Adding Bootstrap Button Stylings to Drupal 8's Action Links and Node Links

Things did not go according to plan when styling page-level action links (such as "Add new Forum topic").