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Drupal as a Lifestyle

The growing community built around Drupal offers a multitude of options to easily integrate Drupal into your current lifestyle and to branch out in new and different ways. Here are a few ways to migrate your lifestyle to one as a Freelance Drupal Developer and a contributor to the community.

If you have a 9 to 5 job at an office or a specific location, you can choose to view online Drupal tutorials in whatever spare time you have instead of watching a movie. Drupal tutorials can be quite entertaining at times and are especially rewarding because they will change your life for the better.

Sign up for an account on and download the latest version of Drupal. Install Drupal locally on your hard drive and use some of the knowledge you learned in the tutorials. If you get stuck, log onto and search for an answer to your issue - chances are good that someone else has had the same issue and the solution will be posted there. As you search through the posts on the forum, be sure to respond to any posts that you may have the solution for. Since you have just gone through the install and setup, there is a good possibility that even as a beginner - you too may be able to help someone else. It's a good practice to do both things on a forum visit:

  1. Ask For Help
  2. Give Some Help

After a few weeks or months viewing tutorial videos and getting a solid idea of the moving parts within Drupal, you can start to create your first real site. I recommend that you involve a friend. Most people have at least one friend that has an idea for a business venture. Ask your friend if you may help them build a site based on their business idea. Enlist the friend to help you by inviting them over for a bowl of popcorn and a few Drupal movies...


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