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Whimsical simple silhouette of adult figure with magnifying glass followed by a child figure.

Find It

Program Locator and Event Discovery platform

Find It Cambridge makes it easier for parents and other caring adults to find the amazing array of activities, services, and resources that are available for children, youth and families in Cambridge.

For 2019, the site is getting a major upgrade, and we want to make its capabilities available for other cities and towns.

Cities and towns everywhere offer children and other residents myriad programs, events, and places for enriching experiences. These activity opportunities come from various levels and agencies of government operating schools, libraries, parks, and more, and from not-for-profit organizations, civic groups, private educational institutions, and others. However, any given person—say a single parent with three kids—has no way of knowing about all of these opportunities from so many different sources. No software or website can solve this by itself, but an easily searchable directory with built-in reminders and tools to help keep it up to date can make the goal much more achievable.

The Find It philosophy and practice makes youth-oriented activities and programs easily findable through a curated multi-medium directory. Developed with Cambridge, Massachusetts and Leo Burd of Terravoz, with Agaric as primary developers, the site has been successful as a Drupal 7 project. Now, Agaric is upgrading the platform for Cambridge and seeks to bring it to more cities and towns.

Follow development at the main issue queue on GitLab.

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