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Photo portrait of Louis

Louis Elkner-Alfaro

Worker-Owner / Developer

Louis is the newest mushroom in the mycelium. Louis likes building websites and serving the needs of clients who want to share their content with the world.

Most mornings Louis attaches to his motherboard via his cranial port and lets his neurons flow through the circuits. Over the years his neurons have learned to communicate more effectively with his electric ant farm and the colony produces work more masterfully.

Louis has been a Linux user since his childhood, although there was a period when he did not want to be free because it was too tricky to get PC games set up in the liberated zone. Louis didn't come to liberated thought honestly, but instead through inheritance; at least he didn't squander it.

As an adult, after deciding on a skill that could pay the rent and leave a little extra Louis bit into Jennifer Robbins' Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics and Marijn Haverbeke's Eloquent Javascript. When he was starting off Louis loved spending non shelf-stocking, fruit cutting, floor mopping, hours solving (or attempting to solve) code challenges. He would spend hours wrestling with problems which he should have given up on much earlier and just learned from the solution.

Professionally, Louis got started working with NOVA Web Development setting up LibreOrganize sites an association management system built with Django. Now with Agaric Louis works developing and configuring Drutopia sites.

Louis is thankful and excited to be the newest member of Agaric. Louis likes worker-coops and exploring the role they play in transitioning to the society of the emancipated laborer.