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Keegan smiling, backgrounded by autumn lilacs

Keegan Rankin

Worker-Owner / Developer

Keegan is a maker of music, art, garments, bread, and websites, whose deepest desire is to live in a world saturated with makers of beautiful things.

Keegan is a Web Developer, focused mostly on building sites using Drupal and/or front-end JavaScript frameworks (like React.js), and is also a Drupal core contributor.

Keegan's longest-lived hobbies are being in nature, sonic-doodling, and studying the history and philosophy of science and technology. Having a degree in Environmental Science and Technology, Keegan learned early that there is no deficiency in the capabilities of modern technology to create a more equitable and sustainable global infrastructure, but a lack of funding. Hence, Keegan believes that the future of societal health depends on collective efforts to provision and employ information and communications infrastructure that is owned and controlled by the people who use it—not by the full-fledged military contractors that big tech comprises—so that love, democracy, community, and eco-friendly infrastructure can thrive.

Keegan is inspired, as a worker-owner of a tech coop, to have recognized the practical benefits of Libre software and of the cooperative model toward the respective protection and cultivation of attentional liberation, and is always beyond delighted to hear whenever someone else has made the same or similar discoveries. Most of all, Keegan is humbled to be immersed in a positive work-culture that emphasizes action-oriented ethical practices, and to be surrounded day-to-day by brilliant friends and mentors.