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Drutopia Platform by Agaric

A libre website builder for liberation, hosted cooperatively

Welcome to the Drutopia Platform by Agaric, a cooperatively hosted website builder for grassroots groups.

Collaboratively building the future of online support for on-the-ground organizing.

Everything needed to grow a movement— together.  Simple, easy website building tools for big, complex work.

Drutopia is a flexible content management system with many features built specially for grassroots organizations.  It already helps groups share goals, call for action, collect donations, and report progress.  Most important, Drutopia's developers seek to design ongoing improvements and capabilities with groups organizing for a better world.

The Drutopia Platform by Agaric combines the ease of use you find from software as a service website builders (like Wix and Squarespace) with the freedom and control of free (libre) software.  It is LibreSaaS like Ghost(Pro) or, but it is built for and with grassroots groups.  Importantly, the platform is collectively controlled by the people who rely on it.

    Please let us know what would be useful toward your organizing efforts.  We are looking forward to learning more about you and your goals and building this platform with you!

    Drutopia Features


    An action is a call for concrete work from supporters. It can stand on its own or be part of a campaign. It can have a goal and due date set. For example, a call for 50 people to call a prison by June 13th demanding an investigation into prisoner abuse. An action can also be turned into a fundraiser, allowing people to donate directly to the site through Stripe. No longer will groups be dependent on proprietary platforms such as GoFundMe and IndieGoGo.


    Drutopia provides an article content type and related configuration, including article types (such as "Victories" or "Press releases") and topics which span all kinds of content on the site (such as "Tenant organizing" or "Environmental racism").

    Blog Posts

    Drutopia provides the blog content type and related configuration, ideal for giving individuals or groups more informal voices distinct from the organization as a whole.


    A campaign page is a central place to explain an issue, publish updates about its activity, list out demands, post calls to action, and raise funds.


    • Groups broadcast to supporters their activity and ways to support.
    • Each group has a page within the website. A group can launch a campaign, call for an action and publish a news article.
    • All of these pieces of content are displayed on a group's page, creating a mini-site.

    Profile Pages

    Drutopia provides a People content type for showing visitors information about staff, volunteers, contributors, and more.

    The Drutopia Initiative

    The Drutopia initiative lays out a technique for configuring a Drupal distribution, for the commons.  It is a recognition and a reflection in software architecture that liberation requires organizing and collective action. We ask you not to sit back and let Drutopia work its magic, but rather to stand up and, with us, build a cooperative of grassroots organizations that work together to build tools that we can own together.

    Core values of the Drutopia initiative:

    • Be inclusive regarding gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, age, religion, geography, and class.
    • Commit to protection of personal information and privacy and freedom from surveillance
    • Value collaboration and cooperation above competition
    • Prioritize human needs over private profit
    • Foster non-hierarchical structures and collective decision-making

    Drutopia encourages:

    • Users and adopters to pool their resources and take a lead role in prioritizing and crowdfunding new development
    • Designers, site builders, and developers to focus on rolling their work into shared solutions available to everyone, heightening the ability of groups of all stripes and sizes to benefit.

    Strategy - Shared Configuration Management

    Drutopia focuses on a specific use case for websites — grass-roots organizing — and pioneers an elegant model for reducing the costs of maintaining an individual Drupal site by providing a shared base configuration for a collection of websites that are run by various organizations with similar needs that contribute to the development cooperatively.

    Learn more specifics about the cooperative development strategy behind Drutopia by reading the Drutopia White Paper.

    Drutopia as a LibreSaaS or Platform Cooperative

    We believe that the platforms that influence and affect so much of our lives (think Facebook and Google) should be owned by the people who use them. In the same line of thinking, the potential of the Drutopia configuration framework is truly unleashed as fully hosted, member-owned platforms. Members of the platform cooperatives will drive forward the vision of the project from the perspective of those most affected– shaping the development of new features. The platforms themselves can span multiple participating hosts that endorse and follow the hosted Drutopia standards.

    Contribute to the Drutopia Initiative

    Drutopia is a fully functional content management system apart from all these goals, and there are a few ways different individuals and organizations can contribute to this initiative:

    1) Drutopia as a Drupal distribution that can be self-hosted by anyone, but the software project will be democratically governed by members of the Drutopia cooperative. For as little as $10 a year you can become a member who votes in leadership team elections, suggests features for the development roadmap, and is part of a community that is building tools for the grassroots.

    2) Non-profits and other organizations that pay Chocolate Lilly or Agaric to build a Drutopia website for their organizing will be contributing to our development efforts, and helping us to move forward in attaining the goals of the Drutopia initiative.

    3) Individuals and groups that recognize needs for specialized Drupal distributions should talk to us. We encourage you to reach out and bring together others that share the same needs, so that we can collectivize the development and maintenance of more Drutopia distributions. 

    Cooperative Webhosting

    Staying true to the core values of Drutopia, we hosting your site through, and include membership in, democratically governed May First Movement Technology cooperative.  May First is dedicated to supporting organizers and activists by providing tools and services that protect their data and privacy from governments and corporations.