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Agaric's contributions to the Drupal content management framework

Drupal Core - The main functionality that all Drupal sites come with, out of the box.

Contributed Projects

We maintain more than 100 contributed modules, many of which we thought up and built:

  • Advanced Help - Provide contextual help for your modules and themes.
  • Bulk Invite - Bulk invite users by creating accounts with just a list of e-mail addresses.
  • CKEditor Accessibility Checker - Inspect the accessibility level of your content and efficiently address issues.
  • CKEditor YouTube - A video embed button for your WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Comment Notify - E-mail people who comment on your site and keep them involved in discussions.
  • Custom Permissions - Create custom user permissions.
  • Display Role - Show users' assigned role or roles on their profile pages.
  • FileField Sources - Upload files through a variety of sources.
  • Gated File - Display a contact form before a visitor downloads a file.
  • Give - Create and manage online donation forms within your website.
  • Login Return Page - Direct users back to the page they were on when they're prompted to log into the website.
  • Registration Role - Select a role to assign to new users automatically.
  • Social Post Facebook - Automatically post website content to your Facebook page.

See more on our Drupal profile page.

Community Leadership

In addition to contributing to the software, we also speak at and help organize meetups, camps, and conferences. We serve as mentors and lead trainings. We also work to improve Drupal's diversity and make it an inclusive, welcoming community.